An IT engineer who rides 350cc bull-bike, plays guitar and design powerful websites using WordPress. He molded two words “Create + Technology”, to start a venture with TheCreatology. He also writes about web designing and WordPress development on his Blog.

The Discovery

An unusual discovery of life, so far:

  • Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology
  • Occupation: Web Enthusiastic Designer at TheCreatology
  • School: Ryan International School, Noida
  • College: Sri Sukhmani Institute of Engineering & Technology, Punjab
  • Places Lived: Delhi, Noida, Chandigarh,
  • Internet: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, SoundCloud, AboutMe, Instagram, Quora
  • Relationship: Its Complicated Married
  • Other Names: Akshay, akyjoe, Aky, Akshay Khurana, Octi, Highly Irritable

Aky’s Life List

He has made a list of thoughts, where he keeps striking them out as they get accomplished. You can check his thought list below:

  1. Build a Garden and grow cotton plant, wheat, pulses & lilies (July 2016)
  2. Design a Cozy, personal room
  3. Visit to NASA
  4. Graduate as an Engineer (July 2008)
  5. Learn and Play Electric Guitar
  6. Get Digital SLR Camera (August 2011)
  7. Get a Telescope and find something unusual
  8. Represent football College Team (October 2006)
  9. Own a Royal Enfield Bike (August 2010)
  10. Bike trip from Delhi-Leh/Ladakh (June 2018)
  11. Learn to Make Chapati
  12. Be a football coach and form a Local Football Club
  13. Setup an IT Company
  14. Bike trip from Delhi-Goa
  15. Bike trip from Delhi-Jaisalmer
  16. Learn to swim
  17. Bike trip from Delhi-Punjab (September 2011)
  18. Modify Bike for custom body
  19. Have a turtle and Take care of it
  20. Ride a horse
  21. Climb a hill-top and Scream Out Loud (June 2018)
  22. Travel to Kerela, get on a sailboat for the night
  23. Buy DSLR Macro Lens to photo shoot spiders
  24. A vacation on an island (January 2020)
  25. Play guitar on a Hammock under full moon
  26. Launch a Life Blog (April 2014)
  27. Open a Web Designing School
  28. Review 50 Places in India for Travel Blog
  29. Add 10 more items in life list