Okay, so it’s not related to software hacking or any military operations. It’s more of a concept, an evolving Love Machine. Two brothers, Manil & Rohit Gupta from Lucknow, India, brought The Holographic Love Machine (THLM) idea to the streets of Delhi.


According to ManilRohit, Art is not reaching the common man, because of its ignorance and stressful life, whereas many are bound with work and have no time to spare. They also states that visiting an art exhibition, for a common man, is either limited or out-of-reach. Hence with ‘Art on a Car’ concept, they are looking forward to reach out to the maximum audience possible.

What is so Amazing about THLM?

One’s obsession to own a Ferrari or BMW car, is nothing but the love for the Car. Similarly, THLM proclaims to be a fascinating Love Car, which pricelessly spreads art and love amongst people, on the streets. It attracts, and sometimes distracts, people passing by and makes them wonder about this outlandish machine.


THLM has been hand-painted using acrylic colors and varnished using lacquer. Overall process lasted for 15 days, before THLM, the masterpiece of art it is, was launched in the capital city of India.

Why is it Reverse Engineering?

Reverse Engineering, an innovation leading to discovery of something new from its old form. That is exactly what duo artist brothers have defined it practically. The painted car has an innovative approach of sharing thoughts by means of graffiti artwork. It is attracting people, especially kids with reflection of Joy, laughter and shock. 😀


What else can you pop out from a car: Smoke, Petrol, Water? This car pops out love and spreads happiness, which I believe is something what counts at the end of day.

Questionnaire session with Artist

Below is a series of questions and nicely framed answers by the Artist, ManilRohit:

Q:- Why should one hear about the Love Machine, what’s so fascinating about it?

A:- The Holographic Love Machine is about spreading art and love amongst people, on the streets. It has already created quite a buzz in the city and the Indian art scenario.

Q:- Love Machine, is there any relation or chemistry between the two words?

A:- It’s a machine, spreading love.

Q:- How long would you expect to stretch this drive. I mean what are your expectations behind this love machine?

A:- The project is evolving with time. The idea is to let people see it and experience it. Everytime we’re on the streets, there’s a new audience. We want to show it to maximum possible people. We document our experiences with people and all other things around THLM and update it all on our Facebook page.

Q:- If you were an interviewer then what would have been the most curious question?

A:- Can’t imagine.

Q:- Do you feel any difference while driving Love Machine?

A:- There is so much constant attention we and the car get, whether moving or stationary, that now we feel funnily insignificant while driving any other normal vehicle.

Q:- Is there anything else you would like to convey?

A:- As they say, the human eye can see almost 10 million colours, then why live in black and white and grey.

Wanna Ride the Love Machine or Got a question?

Curious to hop in to THLM, well, all you have to do is spot it and ask for a ride. (Hint: Easiest way to spot THLM is by Liking their fan page.)
Whereas, if you want to ask a question or wanna share your feedback, simply make use of the comment form below.