Somewhere walking on this path of life you may experience a phase, where in spite of having a lot of options, resources & skills yet everything seems so negative. Whatever you do, goes waste and you find yourself standing in front of mirror, as a be fooled and tired person.

Nothing Goes Right?

When you depend on people, they either influence you for bribe or pretend to be the busiest human being on earth. Such experience does affect one’s moral or leave all alone with negative thoughts.

Does Negativity Lowers You?

The daily work, leisure & happiness graph saturates and is very overwhelming. You feel like drowning into the negativity pool. And, sometimes you may yell or burst out with anger on the innocent ones. (Sigh..) Well, stay calm and keep the peace, because this is the only way out from such bad phases of life. Yes, it is challenging, but that will make the difference. Here check below how to overcome tough life:

  • Travel to places
  • Meet new people
  • Make Friends
  • Learn where you find interest
  • Lot of Deep Breathing
  • Explore Inside Person
  • Find way to simplify that complex life
  • Guide & Encourage people to overcome negative phases
  • Share your experiences

A Simple Calculation – 12 hour Patience

Just like 12-hour sunrise makes it a Day and 12-hour sunset makes it a Night, every moment has a fixed calculation for keeping you Right. To make everything right, you will have to figure out 12-hour patience, which makes a day/night. Believe it or not, but Patience is the key to all those vaults which vary with different calculations depending upon the nature of complexity challenged.

The Simple Calculation:

Risk + Efforts + Objective + 12-hour Patience* = Success, Happiness & Destiny

*- May vary in number depending upon the nature of complexity.

Patience is hope of light in the dark world.

– Aky