Isn’t it obvious, that you have a pair of beautiful eyes, to read this article? But, if there’s no eye sight then you may still listen to this article. This is because God has the ultimate balance for creation of living beings equally, grant them a unique combination of senses to survive in life. All we need is to put some effort to look around, understand the creative flow process and find an appealing approach to satisfy ourselves. It also answers a very basic question, “What is Creativity?”

Let’s try to understand, how one can satisfy itself to do something amazing in this life.

Satisfy Yourself for Better Vision & Thinking

It’s very important to satisfy oneself as without satisfaction one becomes an aimless wanderer. By satisfying yourself, means that you allow another appealing desire or a goal to replace with the existing one. When one goal completes, we know what is our next aim to fulfil. Read further below to envision and think better.

Limitless Vision

A better way of envisioning life is to see things without limiting your vision. Human beings have a natural tendency to adapt and understand life just by looking or sensing it. One who limit its vision, absorbs less and become more reactive in nature. Whereas the one who doesn’t limit its vision, absorbs more and broadens its mind.

Value Goals & Objectives

Goals are very important part of our life, but sometimes it does not get the deserved value from us. For instance, a website designer who likes carpentry, has a goal to build a wooden chair for his living room. His daily pursuit of graphic designing tasks is keeping him away to reach the woodwork chair goal.

If we define our goals properly, then it can lead us to creative solutions of the problems. For instance, the web developer can multi-task in parallel to create blueprints of wooden chair along with its daily tasks. This way, he will build the wooden chair without affecting the daily routine. And, he should be able to value his goals and fulfil the objective steadily.

Alternatives & Other View Points

Sometimes, we find solution to a problem, but with unsatisfactory or inefficient results. This is where alternatives tool come into play. For instance, A boat maker must have tested a lot of materials, to make it float on the water, before succeeding with a log of wood. Of course, we know that wood has lesser density than the water now, so wood floats over the water. Hence, to find better and an efficient solution, we must allow our mind to float free to visualise every possibilities around us.

Not all problems are solved with materials, you know. Like a log of wood or water of may not help you resolve a conflict between you and your spouse. We, will simply In such a scenario, other’s view points are really effective. Sometimes, we find solutions from other’s view points which are made against our disagreements.

What is Creativity?

Creativity is an improvised or “go for” effort towards an ideal. Creativity is not a special gift which is only for geniuses. Different dishes cooked by a woman in the kitchen to improvise the taste, is equally creative as compared with the artist of Mona Lisa’s famous art work. So, it’s not true that creativity is supernatural (which just happens).

Creativity Flow Process

Everyone is creative and carry the capacity to be creative from within. However, we do need to realise core tools, whether it’s your brain, heart, limbs or hairs, and art of utilising such tools as single or together in synchronisation, along with our dedicated hard work. Such practices are revolutionary movements to encourage creative flow process within us.

If you gaze at stars in the night, then you do wonder how majestic is to be in space. Now you would know how creative would be to invent a spaceship which can take you somewhere nearer to the gazed objects in the sky. But until we look around and allow greater things to happen than just ourselves (self obsession), the creative process will always remain unknown.

How to be a Creative Person?

“Tell me how to be creative.” We put or think of this question against a lot of creative people. Sometimes, for sake, we do get answers. But the truth is, that nobody can make you aware of the creative effect inside, but you-yourself. This very request, that is to ask a creative person, is itself a denial of creativity. Because it is their calculated hard work and instinct to do something creative. So, this discovery of self, is hard to be explained, as being our own way to acknowledge life. Just like getting born and dying, creative flow process is something one pursue alone and accept that.

So, keep looking around and you will find it one day!

As someone wisely said…

If you’re ill, go to the doctor—after all, he’s got to live. If he prescribes some medicines, then go to the chemist—after all, he’s got to live. But as soon as you get back home, throw everything away—after all, you’ve got to live, too!

Unknown, Italy