I am not a Genius!


When its Dark Around – Find Patience

July 30, 2012

Somewhere walking on this path of life you may experience a phase, where in spite of having a lot of options, resources & skills yet everything seems negative. Whatever you do, goes waste and you […]

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Everything is Inspired by Enthusiasm

January 29, 2012

My recent article The Easy Thought, was about Lets Create Something New and it is inspired by two young kids who were learning to cycle by themselves. I saw their enthusiasm and craze to learn […]

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Do What Amazes You

January 13, 2012

Watching people on Television or reading about them in Newspapers, many of us want to do something big. We crave a lot of things and we too dream a lot, which is just another unrealistic […]

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The Easy Thought

January 2, 2012

Hey, I hope you are doing good as I am having good time in this life span too. One thing I have always noticed, while socializing on Internet, talking to people on phone or meeting […]

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Lets Create Something New

December 30, 2011

Welcome! This is an introductory post on Lets Create Something New, a push for all you, awesome people living on green planet earth, to do amazing things in life. In this blog you will find […]

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