My recent article The Easy Thought, was about Lets Create Something New and it is inspired by two young kids who were learning to cycle by themselves. I saw their enthusiasm and craze to learn something new.

On recent visit to Punjab (ancestral village), I spotted two young kids who were practicing to cycle. I introduced myself to them and so did they, Decent Arnav (8 years) and Talkative Kyra (5 years). Later on I came to know that they are my little (younger) cousins who were in India for their vacations. They both are amazing kids and reflected passion to learn, enthusiasm and self-confidence.

I was the spectator, other day at practice, where Arnav had tough time on cycle while balancing it. He couldn’t make and ended up blaming the cycle being faulty. Later on I realized, that Arnav had a fear to impress the audience, when I was watching him cycle. Arnav’s fear lowered his enthusiasm and somehow he escaped by blaming the faulty cycle, thus he failed.

On other side, Kyra was practicing on the same cycle and guess what, she was able to balance it well. Kyra’s enthusiasm overlooked the fears and she wasn’t affected at all. She didn’t even care about the scratches on her body, which she got hurt while practicing. She enjoyed her time learning to cycle and she too amazed the audience, thus making her successful.

No Amazing Work can be done without enthusiasm.

The concept of Lets Create Something New is inspired by enthusiasm and the focus is to make people aware of it, but not if you are a genius ? 😛