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Do What Amazes You

by on Jan 13th, 2012

Watching people on Television or reading about them in Newspapers, many of us want to do something big. We crave a lot of things and we too dream a lot, which is just another unrealistic activity of our mind. It creates a thought and leaves everything else on us to achieve it. Are you ready to accomplish it or you a genius ?

Cool, I want you go through 3 easy steps below, which will help you to achieve great things in life.

1. Look Around – Find Something Amazing

Not the regular tasks, think beyond your day-to-day work, something which excites you, boosts self-confidence and makes difference in your living. Yes, I am talking about something which you would like to do, without anyone’s concern.

You will sleep with the thought, that you will wake up in morning to do something amazing. Whereas if you plan to work in night, then you will prepare your day accordingly and wrap up everything by evening.

Already excites you, then why wait, start looking for it.

2. Isolate Yourself – Do Something Amazing

This is a crucial step of, to do something amazing, as it holds the action key. This point itself has two sub points and they are as under:

  1. Take out time for yourself. You are the controller of your life time, so take out some, from your busy schedule, for Something Amazing – 30 minutes is good to start up with whereas 2-3 hours, or may be 5, is more than enough (unless you are building a Titanic Ship). All sorted ? So fix the amount of time, each day and make sure that it is not stacked by other tasks. Seriously, if you can do this, you are half-way done. 😉
  2. Now that you know how precious is your time, so ALL-CLEAR your distractions, switch off Mobile Phones, quit Instant Messengers & Emails and last but not the least Facebook. Yes, sign-off from Facebook, no matter however the urge is. Be honest to people around and tell them that you will be away for an hour or two for some important project. (They will respect you, believe me).

I hope it make sense now, why I titled it as Isolate yourself, so that you don’t get disturbed and your focus is better. Meanwhile, external forces will try to distract you continuously, as the urges are part of addictions. These urges might take some time to pass, so iron yourself. Meditate by practicing OM word, or just relax and lay down for sometime. As soon as it passes away, continue with Amazing Work until you’re done with it.

3. Time Out – Don’t Stress, Take some Rest

Hah! I learned this term, Time Out from my basketball coach. Its an intentional break taken by the coach for players to avoid fatigue and they can focus more in game after the Time Out. In our case, you have to play well in game whereas your mind is your coach. Yes, take a break and enjoy your accomplishment. And if you have achieved it completely, Celebrate! Yes, the way you did after graduating your first degree. Fulfill your urges, by signing in Facebook, Emails, or check your Mobile Messages.

Key is to reward yourself and enjoy the moment, that you have done Something Amazing and feel proud that you did something which you always wanted to. 😉

Are we done ?

Yes, only if you repeat the above steps 1,2,3, till you celebrate your day.

But, that wasn’t the only thing you had in your list, keep looking for more and keep listing them down. (For instance, you may want to see my life list, click here)


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