This is boring, I’m surrounded by boredom and I am bored. Isn’t this what we often tell our friends or get to hear from them? Why can’t we just stick to a flow of regular work ?

What makes it boring?

Sitting in an office from 9-6pm and doing something, which doesn’t amaze you at all, makes it boring. Or, maybe, giving lectures the whole day to different classes in a college on the same subject, makes it boring. Perhaps, if you like being this way and are okay with that, then you should totally skip the post.

If a certain work doesn’t excite you anymore, then you should find something else to work on. Yes, something that keeps you going and fights the boredom. I know, I say this like its baby feeding. Lol! But, have you got any other choice ? If you do, then you must be a genius. 😛

If not, start looking for it now.

Not easy? Did you even try?

Yes? Keep trying till you find it! No? What are you waiting for ? I know, it will be difficult in the beginning, but God Helps Those Who Help Themselves. So, start working on it now and help yourself!

Just think of something that you like, get your hands on it and give it a try. Wouldn’t that be great? If you design graphics, sketch objects or write some articles by taking out 30 minutes from your office time, you’re doing something for yourself and it’ll make you happy. Easy? Go ahead, just Give it a Try – It won’t hurt You. 🙂

The thought above works in achieving goals of life, serving or helping people & of course fighting boredom. Remember – the key is Keep Looking & Keep Trying.

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