I am obsessed with the thought, that Google often changes its Doodle Logo on almost every occasion or festive happenings around the globe. Such a practice is informational, as well as people also get to update their general knowledge (hah…so kind of Google). On the other hand, if we talk about the Top most visited websites of year 2011, after Google it is Facebook, which is your Social Networking Site. But, we still haven’t seen such-a-thing from them (Mark Wake Up! People need amazement), yet. Perhaps the title of this article sounds funny and weird, but what if someone dreamt, “using Facebook on Valentines Day with Cupid Struck Love Environment” ? Well, two days back I had this dream and I felt different all together, seeing Facebook in Red Color Environment and Like Button replaced with Love Button. Doesn’t that sound amazing ? If No, then you must be some genius. 😛

As we are growing in technology, we also have growing number of skilled strategists, talented developers and creative designers. I don’t doubt about Facebook Team as well, but I haven’t seen any major change in terms of User Interface on Facebook. I have been seeing the same blue bar with white logo since I joined Facebook in 2006.  And this could be the reason, that I had this dream about Something New in Facebook. So, hereby I dedicate this article to You, Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook Team with list of my suggestions.
So, this morning I chose to create some Facebook elements, as I visualized in my dream, using Photoshop and I tried my luck on the following as below:

Facebook Love button

Accordingly to the stats Facebook Like button has the maximum hits counted in context to a button. So here is a Cupid Struck Facebook Love Button, which is also my suggestion to replace Facebook Like button with Facebook Love button for Valentines. Take a look at it in screenshot below:

replace-facebook-like-to-love-button-14-febWhat say Sir Mark Zuckerberg, how about spreading some love to your fans?

Red Facebook User Interface

I don’t know if you call it “obsessed-with-red”, but this is what Valentines day is about. The red environment in contrast with the hearts with few notification icon changes. A lot of things can be done but I couldn’t think much about UI, but you can check out the screen shot below:

Red-Facebook-Interface Innovation is a key, which can unlock any door and I believe there a lot many doors, yet to be opened by Facebook. I cannot possibly know if this will reach You or the Facebook Team, but I whole heartedly hope it would. If it does, Do Replace the ‘Like Button’ with ‘Love Button’ for Valentines Day. 😉